Real Talk Depression: Part 2 – Gas on my hands

I’m sure you all know the story of the guy who had a ‘magic power’ where everything he touched turned to gold. Or, failing that, you’ve seen the Skittles commercial where everything the guy touches turns into Skittles.

Depression is a bit like that. Except everything you touch bursts into flames. And then one day you look around to find everything you loved and everything you enjoyed and everything you wanted is on fire. A lot less fun than Skittles. Continue reading “Real Talk Depression: Part 2 – Gas on my hands”

Fandom, freedom and furries – welcome to London MCM

A couple of weeks ago, I went to one of my favourite places in the world: London MCM Comic-Con.

If you’ve read this and immediately you’re thinking “comic-con?? isn’t that just for 30 year olds that still live with their parents and spend all their time playing Dungeons and Dragons??” then you’re also probably one of those people that thinks they’re too cool to enjoy things and that a comic convention couldn’t possibly be for you. But if that is the case, I’m going to straight up tell you that you’re wrong.

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Fictional Characters are Taking Over My Life – Part 2

Does anyone else feel really sad when you leave the cinema after watching a movie? Like you’ve just been hollowed out? Even if the film wasn’t sad?

Because I do. Like, crushingly sad. And I have no fucking idea why.

This happened to me most recently after seeing Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 for the first time. And, actually, it happened to me after seeing it for the second time… and the third time… and the fourth time.

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Real Talk: University

You’ve finished school, you’ve done your A Levels and you can finally do all the things you spent the last two years doing legally, so what next? Go to university, right?

Whether you have a career path in mind, want to take your education further, or, like me, you just want to procrastinate having to Live An Actual Life a little longer, more and more people are deciding to go to university. Which is great, don’t get me wrong; University is a wonderful opportunity, and one everyone should have. But, whether they loved their degree or hated it, there is one thing unanimously agreed upon by all university students; Uni is not what we thought it would be. Continue reading “Real Talk: University”