So if you’ve arrived here and you’re not one of our three friends/our nan, then you might be wondering who the hell we are, what the hell is going on and why the hell any of it is happening. So, here’s a brief introduction.20170925_124554-01

I’m Katie, on the right. And Emily is on the left. We’re sisters. Best friends. Adventurers. Coffee-addicts. Game of Thrones enthusiasts. Absolute fucking train-wrecks.

And we’re travelling the world.

Pretty much the whole world, anyway. With very little experience (the last time either of us travelled by ourselves, my trip involved sleeping on the streets for a band, and Emily’s resulted in her leaving her laptop in the airport). And even less money.

So, why?

It’s a combination of reasons, really.

I mean, for starters, our mum moved to Spain, so we’re both effectively homeless.

But also, we live in a society where we are told, over and over again, how terrible this world is. And you know what, it is. It really is a fucking awful place. But damn it this is a beautiful place. It’s the most amazing, incredible, beautiful planet. And we need to see it. And, considering how rapidly humanity is destroying it all, we figured it had better be sooner rather than later.

We also wanted to be able to share the adventure. And to do so in a way that was real. If we get lost in Costa Rican jungle and end up having to live off exotic beetles and drinking our own piss, you better be damn sure that our last living act will be to live-blog the entire experience.

So, have a read, enjoy the ride, and pray neither of us die within the first week.



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