Fictional Characters are Taking Over My Life – Part 2

Does anyone else feel really sad when you leave the cinema after watching a movie? Like you’ve just been hollowed out? Even if the film wasn’t sad?

Because I do. Like, crushingly sad. And I have no fucking idea why.

This happened to me most recently after seeing Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 for the first time. And, actually, it happened to me after seeing it for the second time… and the third time… and the fourth time.

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Real Talk: University

You’ve finished school, you’ve done your A Levels and you can finally do all the things you spent the last two years doing legally, so what next? Go to university, right?

Whether you have a career path in mind, want to take your education further, or, like me, you just want to procrastinate having to Live An Actual Life a little longer, more and more people are deciding to go to university. Which is great, don’t get me wrong; University is a wonderful opportunity, and one everyone should have. But, whether they loved their degree or hated it, there is one thing unanimously agreed upon by all university students; Uni is not what we thought it would be. Continue reading “Real Talk: University”